Thursday, December 16, 2010

Summer Holiday's

So far i have been on my summer Holidays for just over a week now. It is very strange because the weather still isn't "hot". Of course when compared to what the people in Canada are dealing with it is tropical here but for me, not so much.
Since being off school i had a chance to go to Melbourne with two of the other exchange students. After getting the train into the city we went to go the see the Myers Christmas Windows. Basically Myers is like a high end Sears or the Bay, it just has everything in it for a decent price. During the Christmas season each year they set up a display of about 8 windows, this year being the Nut Cracker. It was actually amazing, all these tiny little sculptures, and the even moved. Also, while walking along there was a story that was being played, so if you got in line at just the right time you could listen to the story rather than reading it on the wall each time.
After glancing at the windows we headed to the Vic Market- a market unlike any that i have seen. It was absolutely massive, there was everything that you could think of too, from fresh meats to fruits to bags, clothes, licence plates, stickers, everything!!! While there we each got two things, one being a flag so that we could all sign it on the safari next March, and the other being a jumper. But this was not just any jumper, it is bright yellow, and green, Aussie colours. It is something that i will only wear at home to school on spirit days (as aldershot colours are green and gold/yellow) but it is perfect for what we wanted. We need to take one sweater along with us on safari and now the three of us have one that will top the rest simply because it says AUSTRALIA on it!!
After finishing up at the market we got a bite to eat and then headed off to the Aquarium. I was so excited, going to the aquarium was something that i had been wanting to do fro months and as i walked up to the building i could feel my heart racing with excitement and anxiousness. Going through was amazing, there were penguins, tons of different tropical fish, sharks, sting rays and there was even a man in the tank dressed as Santa feeding the fish- though it was for the little kids, i thought that it was awesome...
Sunday the 12th of December i moved into my new family. There are two other kids, Alex and James, so it has been very different living here. It is really close to town, about a 5 minute walk, and so it makes it easy to find things to do. Also, now i get to run along the bay rather than through the streets. My "sister" and i have also been hanging out, she took me along with her to two parties and it was a little awkward at first not knowing anyone, barely even Alex, but after a while it was not so bad.
So far everything is going really well and now i have Christmas to look forward to and so many other things!
I hope everything is going well at home- and it's not too cold!


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