Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Day of School!

Currently i am sitting in my last English lesson for 2010 and with just today left in school i am very excited to be done. I have all my holiday homework and surprised at the limited amount that i got, i thought that for sure there would be more, not that i am complaining one bit!
This past week i have had a friend staying at the house, she too in an exchange student in my district and living about an hour and a half away in a small town called Cobden. She comes from a city that is larger then Melbourne in Brazil so she found it hard to be in the little country town but is now very happy there. She has been with us since last Thursday and I've been at school for 3 of those days so she has had to find other things to do but once i get home we hangout! It has been nice to have someone my age around the house to be with.
Yesterday morning i went to a work out boot camp with my host dad at 6am. It was an hour long before school and we did skipping, running, boxing, core work, leg work..... lots of work! and needless to say i was exhausted by the end and wanted nothing more but to be able to go back to sleep but i knew i had to go to school.
I only have a couple more days with my family left here but that short time is full of things to do. Tomorrow i am baking rice crispies with Julia (the Brazilian) because she, nor my host parents, know what they are! Thursday we are all going to Melbourne to the market and the aquarium and i am SO excited to go! Friday and Saturday there are two barbeque's that i am going to and then on Sunday i am moving, so yes, i am very very busy!!!
I hope that the shoveling of snow is going well at home, shoveling sand at the beach here sure is! haha

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