Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh how time flies!

Its now been over a week since I've been with my new host family and i couldn't be happier!
This past week I've been on holidays from school so I've been relaxing lots! I would just like to remind you that this is my first time having two weeks off since last Christmas so i am perfectly content with doing nothing but lounging around. However, I'm in AUSTRALIA! who wants to lay around when I've only got a year here, not me that's for sure!

Wednesday September 22: On Wednesday i caught the train that goes into Melbourne with some friends. It took us over an hour to get there and then we had to transfer to another train which was another 10 minute ride all just to get to the Melbourne Show, which is just like a giant fair. When we finally arrived there we met up with some more people and headed for the rides! There were so many to chose from and after going on a few the sushi that i had had for lunch was not agreeing with my decision to go on all the bouncy and swirling rides so i had to stop for a while. Walking around was very cool, every where that you looked there were rides i had never seen before, and haunted houses and food, tons and tons of food! Thankfully the sushi turned me off from buying the over priced, greasy food that was being offered. By the time that i arrived home that evening i was exhausted from the day that i had endured so not surprisingly i fell asleep very quickly.

Thursday: We went to Barwon Heads to see how everything was at their cottage and Pam wanted to do a bit of gardening. We drove around for a bit after that and Fred went to check on his bee hives.

Friday: I got some really bad news from home this day, it was something that i hoped i would have to deal with. It really showed me how i could deal with things on my own. I desperately wanted to be home with my friend who had had the news, to make her feel better and to help her to understand but i couldn't do that and it broke my heart knowing that i could. I didn't want her to feel like i was letting her down. I had a tough day that day, cried a lot. We have talked since and things are better, but it is not to say that it is any easier. That day was the first day in a long time that i really wanted to be home with the people who i love.

Saturday: I went to a lunch at Pam and Fred's (my host parents) friends house, it was the grand finals for footy, which is basically like the super bowl but 293847293784 times bigger (the Aussies LOVE their footy). I had lunch there then went to the mall for a bit while the game was on. There were some things that i wanted them, so i missed the game. Turns out that the two teams tied!!!! and they don't go into overtime so they are playing again this Saturday so ill be able to see the final game after all which is great! Although i don't know if i can take another week of everyone talking about the finals!

Sunday: Sundays are my working days so once again i was off to work at 11:30. Work was busy, probably the busiest day that i have seen so far. It was really nice outside so there were quite a few people that came by. The shoes that i had got the previous day were incredible, i didn't know how much of a difference comfortable shoes would make but it made the hectic shift bearable. Also on Sunday night i went out to a girls birthday dinner. Her name is Emily. she is so gorgeous and the nicest girl ever. So i went with her for dinner and some other people from college (school). It was a bunch of people that i didn't really know so it was nice to meet a bunch meet them to have some more familiar faces. After dinner we walked around town for a bit then myself, Emily, and another Emily, and a couple of the boys walked to this one boys house, Rowans, and the boys got picked up there and me and the Emily's and rowan went inside and it was his sister birthday party so we got some ice cream cake and then Emily's dad drove me home and i was home before 11.

Monday: Yesterday we went to a little town and had some lunch. The town was very nice, it was older and we walked up and down the main street looking into the little shops. There was a book store there that was amazing, probably one of the coolest book stores that i have ever seen. It was full of new books and used books. It was located in an old house and was something that i had only ever seen in the movies before. I found a book that i had heard about before, "Great Expectations", and am going to start to read that. The only thing is, it smells weird. I hear that people like the smell of old books, so maybe this one is different, but i really don't like it so i hope that i can stand it enough to get through the book.

Tuesday: Today i went to a rotary meeting. It was held in a different place then normal because there is a bike race going on here and it would have been a nuisance to get to the normal building for most people so we went to a different place. It was well.. an old shed where they house all the stuff that they are going to send to Fiji (books, shoes, clothes etc). When we were there it started to hail and the tin roof magnified the sound so much that the speaker had to stop talking because we couldn't hear her over the noise.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moving Day!

Saturday was moving day for me here. I was being moved not too far down from where i was, only about a 3 minute car ride but that didn't mean that packing would be any easier. I am a procrastinator, and i will tell you that straight up so it is no surprise that i left all my packing until Saturday morning. I though about folding everything nicely to make it all fit, but I'm 17, i just want to do it as fast as i can so i put all the nicely, already folded things in one bag, and all the not so nicely bunched up things in the other bag. At that point i thought that it was a good choice, boy was i wrong. When i got to my new house and started to unpack i did the bag that was folded, opened the other bag took one look and walked out of my room. Those things did stay in the bag until yesterday (Monday) when i finally had the courage to rummage through that jungle of clothes and put everything away. The closet here is just as big as the one in my last house so i didn't have a problem with getting everything in thankfully.

As for the new house and family, i love them both. I am really happy being here. Pam and Fred are really great people and seem just as excited about me being here as i am about being here, which is really great.

here's a quick recap of my week

Friday: Went into Melbourne to see the semi-finals of footy. It was freezing cold-coming from the Canadian-and we lost horribly so needless to say, not a great final game to see!

Saturday: Last day with the Lawson's, and moved into Pam and Fred's house

Sunday: Went to Barwon heads where Pam and Fred have a cottage and met some more of their grand kids. Then went to the movies with the one daughter-in-law and her daughter who is 15. We saw "tomorrow, when the war began" and i have to say that it was pretty good. There is a book series of it too which i might start to read but i don't know because there are six books, and that's a whole lot of books! lol

Monday: hung out with Pam and Fred's grand kids (10,10 and 7). We went to the park, did some grocery shopping, normal "family" things.

Tuesday: Today i went to a Rotary meeting and saw everyone again. I really enjoyed myself there today, they were very funny! Then we went for a drive around and i saw the farm where Pam and Fred used to live. I also went for a run! I almost passed out by the end but I'm glad that i did it and I'm going to try to start running to lose some of this "exchange weight" that they say "everyone" gains... BUT NOT ME! i will come back normal, if not better! that is my goal. all i have to do is start to say no to the treats- a mission in it self.

Ill try to stay updated on here, but I'm on school holidays so i might be pretty busy!

I'm off to Melbourne with some friends tomorrow so ill let you know how that goes.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes

Yesterday (Tuesday) was sports day at school. Last week we had to sign up for different events that we would participate in hoping to get points for our school houses. I had to do shot put and javelin. I am happy to announce that i was not the worst of the bunch! I may have been far from the top but at least i represented myself decently.

The events didn't take up much time so most of the time i was at the "cake store". It was two tables set up with cakes, squares, cookies etc that we people in my house had baked and now we were selling them. All the proceeds went to world vision and we actually ended up selling over 400$ worth of goodies. Bad news is, i ate so much of that food, way too much for my own good so i wasn't feeling too hot after that! My house was in first place for most of the day, although we ended up in third out of eight houses so i was very happy with the outcome of the day. It was a long day outside and i got a bit of sun on my face but over all it was a good day!

Last night i went for dinner at Lynn and Lauries house for dinner. They are the people who look after the north and south american students when they get here on exchange. They too are going to be hosting me in a few months. I ate dinner with them there and they were so nice. They also had a cat and two dogs so im very excited to have pets again! I found out while i was there that im going to be having four families before Christmas. Ill finish up with Alison and Andrew on Saturday and go to Freds house until the end of October then ill be going to Lynn and Lauries house for about 5 weeks after that then after them ill be going to another Rotarian house at the beginning of December. They have a daughter that will be coming home from boarding school so ill be able to spend the summer there with her. Im pretty happy about that!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Moving Day

Today after school i had to participate in shot put, the bad thing is that i dont really have strong arms so i didn'tdo to well. I did still try however and hopefully i can get some points for my school house! We are doing a sports day conpetion at school tomorrow which ill talk more about tomorrow!

After school i went to the grocery store and picked up some cup cake mix and made cup cakes to sell at school tomorrow in the bake sale.

While i was baking i got a phone call from Pam and Fred and they told me that i am moving in there on Saturday! I pretty excited to move in with them, i really do love them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

There was No Way I Couldn't be Happy!

I have been finding it harder and harder to get onto my blog lately but here is my week;

Tuesday: this day i went to another Rotary lunch. I actually find myself enjoying these lunches, the people are really nice and welcoming and then genuinely care about what i am doing. I saw Fred and we spoke about me moving in with him soon. We will be sitting that up in the next few days so ill report on how that is going.

Wednesday: I walked down to the grocery store that is by my house and picked up a few things for my brother. It is his birthday this week so i wanted to send him something (shh, he doesn't know) They are all sorts of different treats that i think that he would like, and oh of course, some vegemite! I don't think that he'll like it but it is something that you have to try. Trying to fit all the things in the box that i got him was nearly impossible! I doubt that even a grain of rice would fit in that box, it is ready to explode.
I also went for a run this day down by the river behind my house. It was so wet down there and the river had flooded over alot of the path. I cannot believe how much rain we get, the drought is officially over.

Thursday: On Thursday after school i went home quickly and changed then met up with my friend at the corner store and we caught a cab into town. We went to the mall and walked around for a while then got some dinner. We both had Subway, and boy it was great! The mall here closes at 5:30 so we walked around on the water front for a while then went to a cafe and had a latte and talked for a while. Around 7 we went to a place called GPAC where the school production was being held. They were doing the play The Wiz, i was surprised at how well they pulled it off. The singing was great, the acting was believable and the costumes were remarkable! I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out-much better then my school productions i must say. After the play was done i got home and went to be, it was pretty late by the time i got back.

Friday: After school i went and got my summer dresses for school. I thought that the winter ones were bad, but let me tell you, the summer ones are no better. I think that wearing a potato sack would be more flattering. They are blue, white and green checkered. It was really hard finding ones that fit just right, some where too big in areas and small in others and oh it was just a hassle all together to try to get them to fit. I ended up getting a few that looked "ok" and shut my eyes and bought them. I'll make sure to get a picture up to show off my beauty.
That night there was a footy game on TV so i stayed home to watch, the cats won and are now going into the semi finals against a very good team. I really hope that they don't choke again and that they win!!!

Saturday: Saturday morning i woke up anticipating the day ahead of me. I was heading down the Great Ocean Road! Once again as soon as i saw the first glimpse of the ocean my face lit up in excitement. I don't think that there is ever going to be a day where i get sick of seeing it, it ocean is my "happy place". We drove along the road for over an hour and stopped off at different points so i could get pictures. Once we got to the end of where we wanted to go for the day we got some lunch. Turns out that the restaurant that we ate at was actually one of my good friends from schools. The food was great and it was right on the water so then again, i was a very satisfied girl. To get home we didn't drive along the coast so i ended up falling asleep. When we got home it was almost 5 and i updated my journal and didn't do much. I didn't feel like hanging out with friends so i stayed home and... did... homework! oh how i have changed here, doing homework on a Saturday night was something that i would have never done at home!

Sunday: On Sunday i went to work just like normal. I dread going in each time but by the end i don't want my shift to be over. The people that work there are really nice, turns out one even goes to my school. I am the baby there though, everyone is older then me but cannot believe that I'm older then 17, they say i am very mature-boy am i fooling them! haha! I was there from 12 until close and really did enjoy myself, I'm finding myself getting more used to it there and i know what to do to keep busy which is great, i hated just standing around at first.
When i got home we ate dinner then the moment that i had been waiting for for over a month happened. Junior Masterchef was finally on! Masterchef is a show here that everyone watches. It's a bit like hells kitchen where people get kicked off each week-although this one is all individual. The judges are so funny and really make for a good show. i think-just like the last one-it is on every night which means ill be watching it a lot... thankfully Alison and Andrew really like it too.

Today (Monday) we have to participate in a sport after school, i have to do shot put. Ill be sure to let you know how that goes, i doubt that it'll be good though considering i am a weakling!

Hope you had a good week,


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Couple Random Things

Before i came here there was a dought, since i've arrived they are now having flooding. I mean severe, 3 feet deep flooding. The people who lost their homes from fires last January are now losing their new homes to flooding..

The weather here is ever changing, one minute it is pouring rain, black sky, crisp wind, then 5 minutes later it is sunny, the birds are chirping and its temping to go outside- although it is still cold.

The light switches are opposite, switch up for off, down for on.

Everything closes really early, normally around 5:30. There is however "late night shopping" on friday nights which goes until 9:30.

People here are insane about their footy! They cannot get enough!

Lastly, the toilets do not, i repeat DO NOT flush to opposite way, they all go at once! its a bit frightening actually..

Lets Go Cats!!!

It has been a while since my last post, I'm just getting busy and haven't found the time to get something posted, sorry about that! Here is my past week, sorry about the length that it is going to be...
Tuesday: Tuesday after school i went on the school bus home with my friend Sarah to her house in Warribee.We got off the bus downtown Werribee about 45 minutes after school ended and had to wait for her little brother, Josh, to be finished his art lessons that took place in the library. After we picked him up it was about 5:30-6 so we headed to a little Italian restaurant to get some food. I had risotto and it was so good! there were some mushrooms in it, and some sort of leafy thing-not sure what it was, but absolutely mouth watering! After dinner we headed to Sarah's house and we just hung out in her room. Chatted about normal teenage things, school life, home life. We also watched a bit of TV with her mom then went to bed. In the morning i had to get up early then usual, 6:30. Thankfully i had showered the night before allowing me a bit of extra time. We had to catch the bus for school at 7:30 and were on time and ready for class by 8:45. I really had a good time going there again, i love her family! They are so nice and welcoming and i just really like them!
Thursday: Thursday evening i went to Pat and Ron Smith's house. They are the couple that are taking me along to Tasmania with them. There i had dinner and we talked about all the things that i am doing here and everything that i am going to experience in Tasmania! They too have been host parents in the past, as well as their daughter went to South Africa on exchange so they are very familiar with the process that went on. Dinner was great and i was very content after meeting them and now i cannot tell you how excited i am to go there! All the kids at school say "oh.. Tasmania...yuck..." but im sure that its going to be great! i said the same thing about Canada before i left and now all i say about it is "YOU SHOULD GO THERE!!!"
Friday: this was a heck of a day i must say! I woke up bright and year so that i was ready to head for breakfast at 7:30. It was a fathers day breakfast and there was an award being given to the "Father of the Year". Rotary was involved in this so i came along and missed a bit of my first period class. Breakfast was great- eggs, toast, has brows, yogurt, fruit. The award was given to a grandfather who had taken in his grandson after his parents had split. The way that the boy told the story was heart wrenching, it really put tears in my eyes and made me think about how privileged i am for having two amazing parents. After breakfast i went back to school where it was a causal clothes day, therefore i could wear normal clothes. I didn't realize how much of a comfort my uniform has become for me, i actually dreaded going to school in my clothes not knowing what everyone else was going to have on. Lets just say, there are people here who look better in the dreadful uniforms, so i was scared for nothing. When i got home from school i read for about an hour then we were on our way to Melbourne to watch the footy game. ITs i the finals now so it is crucial that we win every game. In half time we were down by 33 points, hating the idea that we are going to lose, and badly. The team picked up their socks and ended up getting us only down by 4 with a minute left in the game. We has possession of the ball, kicked it down and just in time got a goal! had us winning the game and in the lead with 2 points! the crowd went wild, chanting "cats, cats, CATS, CATS!!!" all of a sudden the other team started cheering too, we all stop and the goal hadn't been counted. We owed them a free kick, so they called off the goal and we ended up losing the game. Thankfully we are still in the finals because we were in the top 4 teams we luckily get another chance to move on. It was late by the time we got home, past midnight so i went right to bed.
Saturday: That day it rained and rained and was soo windy and cold that just looking outside made you feel wet and freezing. Most of the day i read and worked on some school work and updating my journal- which i was very behind on as well. Saturday night i went to the movies with a couple people from school. There were i think 7 of us and we went to see the movie Piranha 3D, i can tell you now, that was 2 hours of my life that ill never get back. The movie was so bad and i don't suggest it to anyone! After we went to McDonalds- i didnt eat anything- where a couple people got a snack. I cabbed home and it didn't take long for me to fall asleep.
Sunday: I worked on Sunday, noon till 5 but it felt so much longer. This time i changed my shoes so they didnt hurt as bad thankfully! Sunday was also fathers day so when i got home i gave Andrew a card and book showing i appreciate what he has done for me.

Schools starting again and im sure that that excites everybody!

I hope everything is well with everyone and ill try to update more frequently!