Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Half Way Done

With just five more days left of school before i start my summer vacation, i am nothing but excited for the next few months. I have finished my exams, half way done my year 12 orientation and moving in a week and a half so needless to say there is lots going on around me and i am staying busy.With this being my last week of school i can now announce that my school year here is half done, that's right, time has gone by so fast that i can already say that it is half way over. This thought it just a little bit taunting to me.
This past week i have been to both my rotary clubs meeting and my host dads club and both meetings were just as interesting as the previous ones i have been to. Though there isn't anything particularly interesting to report on i am happy with how my exchange is going.
I have been trying to run everyday now, i go around a block which is about a 5 and a half to 6 k run which isn't too bad i don't think! Rotary did warn us about gaining weight and of course i thought "nope, not me!!" ... but sadly... yes that is me. so now i am desperately trying to get active and so far so good!
Oh, the rain isn't giving up here, the weather has been dreadful and this is supposed to be summer!!! (today is the first day)
Well, that is all for now, hope you're all going well!!!

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