Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Move, Another Adventure!

This past sunday i had to say goodbye to Pam and Fred and say hello to Laurie and Lynn. I had been with my second host family for 6 weeks so it was time that i had to go to another. I was in some ways disappointed because i love living with the Le Deuxs but in other ways i was so excited to start another part of my journey here. On Sunday morning we left Barwon heads and came back into Geelong so that i could pack up my things. This time thankfully i didn't find it as hard to get everything packed, i was definitely way more organized! We went to the Hills(my new host family) and they served myself and Pam and Fred some dinner and we talked about all sorts of things from stuff about history that i had no idea about- and honestly didn't really care for- to things about rotary where i was very curious to hear about everything!

I have now been in the house for a couple days and everything seems to be going great! I am really happy here and guess what, they are my youngest host family yet, 61 and 62 i believe..! haha i guess it should be something i should have expected more when coming here, getting older people for host parents i mean. But you know what, i like it, these people said that they have had about 15 exchange students now so they understand how it all works which is extremely helpful.

I also started mandatory sport this week. I decided to play softball although i really wished i could go into tennis they said that it was too late so ill have to do that next year i suppose. The team seems alright though, nice enough girls and it ranges from years 12 to 8 - there are a few girls from the prep school that joined us. We have our first game this Saturday morning so ill let you all know how that goes!

Nothing else too interesting happening i don't think, exams next week, year 12 in TWO WEEKS! and summer in 4 weeks! so i guess you could say there are a couple things happening..

Well im off to finish some work for my English class, keep well!

Oh, and thanks to everyone who is reading this.. i hope that it isn't for nothing!


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  1. wow Colleen you have so many families that's pretty awesome!
    Hope your enjoying the spring weather in this hemisphere... cause I am! Haha