Friday, November 12, 2010

Exam Time!

Sorry i have not gotten on to my blog, i have been busy and haven't been as school so there wasn't really a chance for me to get on here.

This sounds hypocritical, but nothing too much has been happening. I have been biking around a lot, trying to get my bearings around this new part of geelong that i am living in. I also have been running to try and get a little bit more fit before the summer, it sure is a slow process though!

This week i went to Rotary twice, once to my club and once to my host dads club to see everyone. Turns out that my host dads club is sending a girl to France this coming January and she goes to my school! Ill go to the meeting on Monday night to meet here and let her in on some of the exchange news.

Oh, i have been writing exams all week. Although they count for nothing i still have to write them unfortunately but i don't have to study so it is not too bad... they are actually pretty easy considering i didn't do any review. Shh...!!

This week i had a couple of sad days where i really missed home but i talked to some people from home and they helped me out and i'm feeling a lot better now!!

Sorry this is a quick update but i miss everyone, and oh i miss the seasons! The weather hasn't changed much since i've been here and its been 127 days (as of November 13)

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