Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Summer's Around The Corner

Well it seems as though i have been slacking on updating my blog lately. I think that it is due to the fact that normally i would update it during class at school and i haven't been at school for the past two weeks other than for writing exams. Speaking of which, i have finished all my six exams, and i am so happy about that. None of them were very hard, maybe my phys ed exam, but other than that i didn't do too bad actually. I'm back at school now for a week and a half to start year (grade) twelve before the summer holidays begin!
The weather has been getting nicer, proving that summer is just around the corner. Currently it is supposed to be 29 out today, and sure feels like it is! Yesterday at 6 at night it was still 33 out so to say that it doesn't get hot here would be a lie.
The classes that i am taking now are media, photography, English, history and international studies, again all things that i want to take "for fun".
Over the past weekend (November 20-22) it was a weekend with all the inbound and outbound exchange students. We went to Ballart, which was only about an hours drive from Geelong and we stayed at other Rotarians in the area's houses. The weekend over all was fun, i loved seeing everyone again but what we had to do was so boring. At home before i left (Canada) we had to sit through a weekend and go over everything for the exchange from dealing with homesickness to insurance and everything in between. It was a two day thing in Canada and another two days in Aussie, so i pretty much know everything backwards and forwards now because I've sat through it twice. All and all it was a good weekend and i was extremely happy to get together with everyone for the weekend.
Since living with this host family i have been doing a lot of volunteering and yesterday (Tuesday) i went and help sell 950 sausages at an event to raise awareness about stopping violence against women. At one point about 50 teenage boys came all at once and i don't think that i have ever moved so quickly trying to hand out these sausages, and to make matters worse they were free... Teenage boys plus free food equals CRAZINESS!!!
That is all i have really been up to lately, hope the cold weather is treating you nice.. the 25+ weather is not to bad over here!!n


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