Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Couple Random Things

Before i came here there was a dought, since i've arrived they are now having flooding. I mean severe, 3 feet deep flooding. The people who lost their homes from fires last January are now losing their new homes to flooding..

The weather here is ever changing, one minute it is pouring rain, black sky, crisp wind, then 5 minutes later it is sunny, the birds are chirping and its temping to go outside- although it is still cold.

The light switches are opposite, switch up for off, down for on.

Everything closes really early, normally around 5:30. There is however "late night shopping" on friday nights which goes until 9:30.

People here are insane about their footy! They cannot get enough!

Lastly, the toilets do not, i repeat DO NOT flush to opposite way, they all go at once! its a bit frightening actually..

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