Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moving Day!

Saturday was moving day for me here. I was being moved not too far down from where i was, only about a 3 minute car ride but that didn't mean that packing would be any easier. I am a procrastinator, and i will tell you that straight up so it is no surprise that i left all my packing until Saturday morning. I though about folding everything nicely to make it all fit, but I'm 17, i just want to do it as fast as i can so i put all the nicely, already folded things in one bag, and all the not so nicely bunched up things in the other bag. At that point i thought that it was a good choice, boy was i wrong. When i got to my new house and started to unpack i did the bag that was folded, opened the other bag took one look and walked out of my room. Those things did stay in the bag until yesterday (Monday) when i finally had the courage to rummage through that jungle of clothes and put everything away. The closet here is just as big as the one in my last house so i didn't have a problem with getting everything in thankfully.

As for the new house and family, i love them both. I am really happy being here. Pam and Fred are really great people and seem just as excited about me being here as i am about being here, which is really great.

here's a quick recap of my week

Friday: Went into Melbourne to see the semi-finals of footy. It was freezing cold-coming from the Canadian-and we lost horribly so needless to say, not a great final game to see!

Saturday: Last day with the Lawson's, and moved into Pam and Fred's house

Sunday: Went to Barwon heads where Pam and Fred have a cottage and met some more of their grand kids. Then went to the movies with the one daughter-in-law and her daughter who is 15. We saw "tomorrow, when the war began" and i have to say that it was pretty good. There is a book series of it too which i might start to read but i don't know because there are six books, and that's a whole lot of books! lol

Monday: hung out with Pam and Fred's grand kids (10,10 and 7). We went to the park, did some grocery shopping, normal "family" things.

Tuesday: Today i went to a Rotary meeting and saw everyone again. I really enjoyed myself there today, they were very funny! Then we went for a drive around and i saw the farm where Pam and Fred used to live. I also went for a run! I almost passed out by the end but I'm glad that i did it and I'm going to try to start running to lose some of this "exchange weight" that they say "everyone" gains... BUT NOT ME! i will come back normal, if not better! that is my goal. all i have to do is start to say no to the treats- a mission in it self.

Ill try to stay updated on here, but I'm on school holidays so i might be pretty busy!

I'm off to Melbourne with some friends tomorrow so ill let you know how that goes.


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