Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lets Go Cats!!!

It has been a while since my last post, I'm just getting busy and haven't found the time to get something posted, sorry about that! Here is my past week, sorry about the length that it is going to be...
Tuesday: Tuesday after school i went on the school bus home with my friend Sarah to her house in Warribee.We got off the bus downtown Werribee about 45 minutes after school ended and had to wait for her little brother, Josh, to be finished his art lessons that took place in the library. After we picked him up it was about 5:30-6 so we headed to a little Italian restaurant to get some food. I had risotto and it was so good! there were some mushrooms in it, and some sort of leafy thing-not sure what it was, but absolutely mouth watering! After dinner we headed to Sarah's house and we just hung out in her room. Chatted about normal teenage things, school life, home life. We also watched a bit of TV with her mom then went to bed. In the morning i had to get up early then usual, 6:30. Thankfully i had showered the night before allowing me a bit of extra time. We had to catch the bus for school at 7:30 and were on time and ready for class by 8:45. I really had a good time going there again, i love her family! They are so nice and welcoming and i just really like them!
Thursday: Thursday evening i went to Pat and Ron Smith's house. They are the couple that are taking me along to Tasmania with them. There i had dinner and we talked about all the things that i am doing here and everything that i am going to experience in Tasmania! They too have been host parents in the past, as well as their daughter went to South Africa on exchange so they are very familiar with the process that went on. Dinner was great and i was very content after meeting them and now i cannot tell you how excited i am to go there! All the kids at school say "oh.. Tasmania...yuck..." but im sure that its going to be great! i said the same thing about Canada before i left and now all i say about it is "YOU SHOULD GO THERE!!!"
Friday: this was a heck of a day i must say! I woke up bright and year so that i was ready to head for breakfast at 7:30. It was a fathers day breakfast and there was an award being given to the "Father of the Year". Rotary was involved in this so i came along and missed a bit of my first period class. Breakfast was great- eggs, toast, has brows, yogurt, fruit. The award was given to a grandfather who had taken in his grandson after his parents had split. The way that the boy told the story was heart wrenching, it really put tears in my eyes and made me think about how privileged i am for having two amazing parents. After breakfast i went back to school where it was a causal clothes day, therefore i could wear normal clothes. I didn't realize how much of a comfort my uniform has become for me, i actually dreaded going to school in my clothes not knowing what everyone else was going to have on. Lets just say, there are people here who look better in the dreadful uniforms, so i was scared for nothing. When i got home from school i read for about an hour then we were on our way to Melbourne to watch the footy game. ITs i the finals now so it is crucial that we win every game. In half time we were down by 33 points, hating the idea that we are going to lose, and badly. The team picked up their socks and ended up getting us only down by 4 with a minute left in the game. We has possession of the ball, kicked it down and just in time got a goal! had us winning the game and in the lead with 2 points! the crowd went wild, chanting "cats, cats, CATS, CATS!!!" all of a sudden the other team started cheering too, we all stop and the goal hadn't been counted. We owed them a free kick, so they called off the goal and we ended up losing the game. Thankfully we are still in the finals because we were in the top 4 teams we luckily get another chance to move on. It was late by the time we got home, past midnight so i went right to bed.
Saturday: That day it rained and rained and was soo windy and cold that just looking outside made you feel wet and freezing. Most of the day i read and worked on some school work and updating my journal- which i was very behind on as well. Saturday night i went to the movies with a couple people from school. There were i think 7 of us and we went to see the movie Piranha 3D, i can tell you now, that was 2 hours of my life that ill never get back. The movie was so bad and i don't suggest it to anyone! After we went to McDonalds- i didnt eat anything- where a couple people got a snack. I cabbed home and it didn't take long for me to fall asleep.
Sunday: I worked on Sunday, noon till 5 but it felt so much longer. This time i changed my shoes so they didnt hurt as bad thankfully! Sunday was also fathers day so when i got home i gave Andrew a card and book showing i appreciate what he has done for me.

Schools starting again and im sure that that excites everybody!

I hope everything is well with everyone and ill try to update more frequently!


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