Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes

Yesterday (Tuesday) was sports day at school. Last week we had to sign up for different events that we would participate in hoping to get points for our school houses. I had to do shot put and javelin. I am happy to announce that i was not the worst of the bunch! I may have been far from the top but at least i represented myself decently.

The events didn't take up much time so most of the time i was at the "cake store". It was two tables set up with cakes, squares, cookies etc that we people in my house had baked and now we were selling them. All the proceeds went to world vision and we actually ended up selling over 400$ worth of goodies. Bad news is, i ate so much of that food, way too much for my own good so i wasn't feeling too hot after that! My house was in first place for most of the day, although we ended up in third out of eight houses so i was very happy with the outcome of the day. It was a long day outside and i got a bit of sun on my face but over all it was a good day!

Last night i went for dinner at Lynn and Lauries house for dinner. They are the people who look after the north and south american students when they get here on exchange. They too are going to be hosting me in a few months. I ate dinner with them there and they were so nice. They also had a cat and two dogs so im very excited to have pets again! I found out while i was there that im going to be having four families before Christmas. Ill finish up with Alison and Andrew on Saturday and go to Freds house until the end of October then ill be going to Lynn and Lauries house for about 5 weeks after that then after them ill be going to another Rotarian house at the beginning of December. They have a daughter that will be coming home from boarding school so ill be able to spend the summer there with her. Im pretty happy about that!


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