Sunday, September 12, 2010

There was No Way I Couldn't be Happy!

I have been finding it harder and harder to get onto my blog lately but here is my week;

Tuesday: this day i went to another Rotary lunch. I actually find myself enjoying these lunches, the people are really nice and welcoming and then genuinely care about what i am doing. I saw Fred and we spoke about me moving in with him soon. We will be sitting that up in the next few days so ill report on how that is going.

Wednesday: I walked down to the grocery store that is by my house and picked up a few things for my brother. It is his birthday this week so i wanted to send him something (shh, he doesn't know) They are all sorts of different treats that i think that he would like, and oh of course, some vegemite! I don't think that he'll like it but it is something that you have to try. Trying to fit all the things in the box that i got him was nearly impossible! I doubt that even a grain of rice would fit in that box, it is ready to explode.
I also went for a run this day down by the river behind my house. It was so wet down there and the river had flooded over alot of the path. I cannot believe how much rain we get, the drought is officially over.

Thursday: On Thursday after school i went home quickly and changed then met up with my friend at the corner store and we caught a cab into town. We went to the mall and walked around for a while then got some dinner. We both had Subway, and boy it was great! The mall here closes at 5:30 so we walked around on the water front for a while then went to a cafe and had a latte and talked for a while. Around 7 we went to a place called GPAC where the school production was being held. They were doing the play The Wiz, i was surprised at how well they pulled it off. The singing was great, the acting was believable and the costumes were remarkable! I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out-much better then my school productions i must say. After the play was done i got home and went to be, it was pretty late by the time i got back.

Friday: After school i went and got my summer dresses for school. I thought that the winter ones were bad, but let me tell you, the summer ones are no better. I think that wearing a potato sack would be more flattering. They are blue, white and green checkered. It was really hard finding ones that fit just right, some where too big in areas and small in others and oh it was just a hassle all together to try to get them to fit. I ended up getting a few that looked "ok" and shut my eyes and bought them. I'll make sure to get a picture up to show off my beauty.
That night there was a footy game on TV so i stayed home to watch, the cats won and are now going into the semi finals against a very good team. I really hope that they don't choke again and that they win!!!

Saturday: Saturday morning i woke up anticipating the day ahead of me. I was heading down the Great Ocean Road! Once again as soon as i saw the first glimpse of the ocean my face lit up in excitement. I don't think that there is ever going to be a day where i get sick of seeing it, it ocean is my "happy place". We drove along the road for over an hour and stopped off at different points so i could get pictures. Once we got to the end of where we wanted to go for the day we got some lunch. Turns out that the restaurant that we ate at was actually one of my good friends from schools. The food was great and it was right on the water so then again, i was a very satisfied girl. To get home we didn't drive along the coast so i ended up falling asleep. When we got home it was almost 5 and i updated my journal and didn't do much. I didn't feel like hanging out with friends so i stayed home and... did... homework! oh how i have changed here, doing homework on a Saturday night was something that i would have never done at home!

Sunday: On Sunday i went to work just like normal. I dread going in each time but by the end i don't want my shift to be over. The people that work there are really nice, turns out one even goes to my school. I am the baby there though, everyone is older then me but cannot believe that I'm older then 17, they say i am very mature-boy am i fooling them! haha! I was there from 12 until close and really did enjoy myself, I'm finding myself getting more used to it there and i know what to do to keep busy which is great, i hated just standing around at first.
When i got home we ate dinner then the moment that i had been waiting for for over a month happened. Junior Masterchef was finally on! Masterchef is a show here that everyone watches. It's a bit like hells kitchen where people get kicked off each week-although this one is all individual. The judges are so funny and really make for a good show. i think-just like the last one-it is on every night which means ill be watching it a lot... thankfully Alison and Andrew really like it too.

Today (Monday) we have to participate in a sport after school, i have to do shot put. Ill be sure to let you know how that goes, i doubt that it'll be good though considering i am a weakling!

Hope you had a good week,


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