Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh how time flies!

Its now been over a week since I've been with my new host family and i couldn't be happier!
This past week I've been on holidays from school so I've been relaxing lots! I would just like to remind you that this is my first time having two weeks off since last Christmas so i am perfectly content with doing nothing but lounging around. However, I'm in AUSTRALIA! who wants to lay around when I've only got a year here, not me that's for sure!

Wednesday September 22: On Wednesday i caught the train that goes into Melbourne with some friends. It took us over an hour to get there and then we had to transfer to another train which was another 10 minute ride all just to get to the Melbourne Show, which is just like a giant fair. When we finally arrived there we met up with some more people and headed for the rides! There were so many to chose from and after going on a few the sushi that i had had for lunch was not agreeing with my decision to go on all the bouncy and swirling rides so i had to stop for a while. Walking around was very cool, every where that you looked there were rides i had never seen before, and haunted houses and food, tons and tons of food! Thankfully the sushi turned me off from buying the over priced, greasy food that was being offered. By the time that i arrived home that evening i was exhausted from the day that i had endured so not surprisingly i fell asleep very quickly.

Thursday: We went to Barwon Heads to see how everything was at their cottage and Pam wanted to do a bit of gardening. We drove around for a bit after that and Fred went to check on his bee hives.

Friday: I got some really bad news from home this day, it was something that i hoped i would have to deal with. It really showed me how i could deal with things on my own. I desperately wanted to be home with my friend who had had the news, to make her feel better and to help her to understand but i couldn't do that and it broke my heart knowing that i could. I didn't want her to feel like i was letting her down. I had a tough day that day, cried a lot. We have talked since and things are better, but it is not to say that it is any easier. That day was the first day in a long time that i really wanted to be home with the people who i love.

Saturday: I went to a lunch at Pam and Fred's (my host parents) friends house, it was the grand finals for footy, which is basically like the super bowl but 293847293784 times bigger (the Aussies LOVE their footy). I had lunch there then went to the mall for a bit while the game was on. There were some things that i wanted them, so i missed the game. Turns out that the two teams tied!!!! and they don't go into overtime so they are playing again this Saturday so ill be able to see the final game after all which is great! Although i don't know if i can take another week of everyone talking about the finals!

Sunday: Sundays are my working days so once again i was off to work at 11:30. Work was busy, probably the busiest day that i have seen so far. It was really nice outside so there were quite a few people that came by. The shoes that i had got the previous day were incredible, i didn't know how much of a difference comfortable shoes would make but it made the hectic shift bearable. Also on Sunday night i went out to a girls birthday dinner. Her name is Emily. she is so gorgeous and the nicest girl ever. So i went with her for dinner and some other people from college (school). It was a bunch of people that i didn't really know so it was nice to meet a bunch meet them to have some more familiar faces. After dinner we walked around town for a bit then myself, Emily, and another Emily, and a couple of the boys walked to this one boys house, Rowans, and the boys got picked up there and me and the Emily's and rowan went inside and it was his sister birthday party so we got some ice cream cake and then Emily's dad drove me home and i was home before 11.

Monday: Yesterday we went to a little town and had some lunch. The town was very nice, it was older and we walked up and down the main street looking into the little shops. There was a book store there that was amazing, probably one of the coolest book stores that i have ever seen. It was full of new books and used books. It was located in an old house and was something that i had only ever seen in the movies before. I found a book that i had heard about before, "Great Expectations", and am going to start to read that. The only thing is, it smells weird. I hear that people like the smell of old books, so maybe this one is different, but i really don't like it so i hope that i can stand it enough to get through the book.

Tuesday: Today i went to a rotary meeting. It was held in a different place then normal because there is a bike race going on here and it would have been a nuisance to get to the normal building for most people so we went to a different place. It was well.. an old shed where they house all the stuff that they are going to send to Fiji (books, shoes, clothes etc). When we were there it started to hail and the tin roof magnified the sound so much that the speaker had to stop talking because we couldn't hear her over the noise.

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