Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rotary Presentation

Firstly, as of today i left home four months ago... it's hard to believe that i am 1/3 of the way done my exchange already! So far i have been really happy about all the things i have accomplished here both mentally and actual things that i have done.

Yesterday I went to the Rotary lunch as i normally do but today there was a difference. Today was my turn to do a presentation about myself in front of everyone. I talked about things that had to do with home, friends, family, work and Canadian winters! Everyone seemed to enjoy the presentation that i had done. I also quickly talked about my exchange so far and showed some of my pictures then briefly i talked about my trip to Tasmania. Over all i was pleased with how i did and felt confident standing up there in front of about 70 people.

I hope that everyone at home is doing well, i miss you all!


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