Monday, October 11, 2010

This Year for thank giving im thankfull for helmets

On Sunday i was at barwon heads, which is like a town that is right on the ocean and its mostly cottages and my host have a cottage there so we were there for the weekend anyways! I'm just being healthy riding my bike along this path, on one side is the ocean and the other side of me the road.. and in Australia you HAVE to wear a helmet or else if you get caught its something like a 200$ fine... so i was looking great riding along with this dorky helmet on... and so all of a sudden something hits my helmet and all i see is this shadow of this bird, a BIG bird... flying... AFTER me! and swooping at me, and keeps hitting my helmet.... so I'm freaking out.. biking as fast as i can, looking like an idiot... hahahah it seriously scared the crap out of me! apparently if you go close to their nests they will "come after you" so i guess i rode past one... it was so scary, thinking back its funny but boy oh boy was i ever scared!

so now for thanks giving, i am thankful for that dorky helmet, and ill never think twice about wearing one here again!

happy thanks giving everyone!!!

oh ya, i forgot to mention that thanksgiving is not a holiday that is celebrated in Australia unfortunately

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