Friday, October 1, 2010


This past week has been full of bike racing. Currently Geelong is being the host city for the UCI road cycling world championships. There are hundreds of riders in Geelong racing in different events that started last Wednesday and go until Sunday. I have been to the races a couple times this week and watched each of the different countries race by. Every time that Canada goes by i wave my flag and cheer them on, today i even had my Canada t-shirt on to represent where i am from. So far Canada has only placed once, yesterday in the men's race which was over 150km! We actually tied for third with an American, they couldn't figure out which person came in first. I think that if i was going to go all this way to race for world recognition i would be disappointed if i tied with someone.

Also, on Thursday night i had a friend stay over at the house. Her name is Mathilde and she is here with Rotary on exchange from France. She was in Melbourne for a couple of days and normally lives about 4 hours from Geelong so we asked her if she wanted to stay the night and she did. We talked about a lot of different things and i was very happy that she came over. On Friday in the day we met up with another exchange student from Geelong- Fred from Denmark- and the three of us went to the movies and out for lunch. I really enjoyed seeing them because we don't get that many chances to see them which is really unfortunate.

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