Sunday, October 24, 2010


The past week from October 15th to the 22nd, i was in Tasmania. Weeks ago i was asked to go along with another Rotarian and his wife on their trip to Tasmania. Of course i jumped at the idea of going to see yet another place in Australia. I was very excited even though whenever i told a friend their reaction was "....oh......that should be fun" but! Although their "excitement" was just a little too much for me, i was so happy to be going. We flew down there on a cramped plane, much smaller than the plane that i came to Australia in. We got there and it was beautiful despite the rain, the mountains in the distance with the water between us were incredible. There is no doubt that Tasmania has become one of my favourite places to go. Each day i saw new things from going on walks down to a huge gorge (Cataract Gorge), to going on a drives through mountain ranges and forests to the southern most part of Australia that you can get to by car, to going onto a cruise boat along Bruny Island where the escarpment was so unbelievably cool, making me feel so insignificant. It is definitely a place that you would want to go if you are outdoorsy. Apart from all the scenery i went to a market that was huge and full of Aussie things. I also saw some wildlife including penguins, Australian and New Zealand Fur seals, peacocks and starfish. It really was something that I am soo happy i did. Oh, within 24 hours i was on top of a mountain in the snow-not much but still, AUSTRALIAN SNOW!- and then walking along the beach with the ocean and mountains in the distance. I really don't know a pretty place that i have ever been to.
The weather wasn't 100% all the time but for the most part it was not that bad. Probably about 15-18 each day so i was not complaining one bit!

Overall i had an amazing week and im so thankful for having the opportunity of being there.

Fun fact: if you were to flatten out all the hills/mountains in Tasmania, it would be larger than the rest of Australia .... if you look on a map of the size difference between the two before, you can just imagine the hills i saw!

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