Sunday, August 29, 2010

My New Job

This past weekend was very very VERY long.
Starting on Thursday Alison and i set up a time for myself to go to the mall to get my work clothes. I had to find something that was black to wear as a uniform, that was all. So Alison dropped me off at the mall and i had about an hour and a half. It is pretty strange, everything here closes early, every day at 5:30 the mall closes. Every Friday night however there is a "late night", where the mall and other shops stay open until 9 o'clock. So anyways, i was there until the mall closed. There was a flower shop in there so i grabbed a bouquet of flowers for Alison and Andrews favourite chocolate bar just to show my appreciation for everything that they are doing for me. It was just something little but i thought that it was a good idea.
On Friday night i went into town with a friend and we got ice cream and just walked around for a couple hours. I was home by 10. That night wasn't too exciting but it was fun to hangout with a friend.
Saturday morning i got up and was ready to head over to Fred and Pam's (my next host family) house for lunch. When i got there, Fred, (from Denmark-this could get confusing now with two Freds) was already there. We had lunch which was some sort of pastry with vegetables in it and it was really good! After lunch we all went to the footy game where my team- The Geelong Cats- played the West Coast Eagles. In the first half the Cats really did suck, it was awful to watch them play so bad against a team that they should be killing. At the start of the second half they finally pulled up their socks and started to play better. In a matter of 2 minutes, my friend who plays for the team- Pam and Freds grandson- got two goals! It really helped to motivate the team and everyone was cheering his name. I thought that it was pretty cool that i knew who he was and they all were admiring him.
When I got home from the game i had a quick bite to eat then went over to the neighbours house to babysit their two kids while they have dinner with Alison and Andrew. I babysat for about 5 hours. During those hours i played candy land...twice, monopoly, watched scooby doo, a lego movie and Garfield. I haven't babysat in a long time so it was difficult to get into it again. I must say the kids were cute, and the puppy that they just got was adorable but i don't really like to babysit anymore. But it was worth the time as i was paid well. Now i can go shopping!!
On Sunday morning i got up as though it was a school day, up at 7 and showered and ready to go by 8:30. Dressed in my all black clothes, I was at work at 9am and nervous as ever. I wasn't really sure what i had gotten myself into a first. I was there waitressing, something i have never done, and doing it full on during their busiest day of the week. When i was walking to the first table i don't think that my hands had every shuck so much, by the time i got the coffees to the table i think that i had spilt half of it onto the plate below. They were very understanding when i said it was my first day. As the say went on i got better and better and was carrying trays with cakes, cookies, coffees and lattes on them. I can proudly say that i didn't spill anything completely or drop anything. I was hot and sweaty-yuck-by the time i was done. I was happy with how well i had done-or at least i think i did well. It was my first day of a waitressing experiencing, something i never thought that i would do and I'm happy to announce i liked it. They day went by quickly and by 4 o'clock Andrew was back to pick me up. I noticed then that i had never taken my break and didn't eat or drink the whole day. I was so concentrated on "go go go" that i didn't remember to eat, and surprisingly i wasn't hungry. When i got home i don't think that my feet have ever hurt so much. I had been walking for 7 hours straight going from table to table and my feet KILLED! i was so tired from the day that i slept until dinner. It physically hurt me to get up and go to the washroom, i thought that my feet were going to fall right off. All and all i am really glad that i did it. I was so nervous at the start but by the end of the day i was very proud of what i accomplished.

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