Monday, July 19, 2010

First Rotary Meeting

Today was also my very first Rotary meeting. I found myself walking into a room with people who were about 3 times my age, there was no one there who i felt remotely close to in age. I sat down a table with one of the two women that was there. Within the first 10 minutes of being there Andrew was introducing me in front of everyone on the microphone and i was up at the speaker ready to say a few words. Having no previous knowledge of having to say anything i babbled for a minute and took a seat. The palms of my hands were sweaty but i was satisfied with what i had said. Left and right people were coming up to me, asking me obvious questions such as where i was from, how i was liking it here, and how i found school. After being asked these same questions repeatedly, i found the answers to be getting shorter and shorter.
Overall i had a good time meeting all the people and the food was good. I'm sure that ill be coming back again next week.

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  1. Hi Colleen! I just discovered your blog! I'm from Australia and I'm going to Finland for a year with Rotary! I live in Adelaide but I was born in Melbourne! I saw you say you didn't realize how cold it is, Melbourne is probably the coldest State :P Apart from Tassie! I hope your having a great time in Australia!