Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fredrick From Denmark

I have started to find myself both enjoying it here, and really missing home still. This week school has been good, i feel that it has really been helping me to like it here. The people here are so nice and the work well lets just say i have never done so little school work. That is not because i haven't been doing the work, it simply is easy and we are given ridiculous amounts of time to finish the work. I am currently liking my media class the best, i have an assignment where i am making a traveller’s guide magazine. It is something that i both find easy to get ideas and that i love to do. By far my least favourite class is phys ed. It is very different from home, we are in the classroom 4 times a week and in the gym doing fitness things like running and checking our pulse, then doing sit ups and the checking our breathing rate. I find myself behind in that class because everyone knows the bones and muscles but i don’t. I am however not worried about not knowing them because the work that we get is straight out of the text book. I just wish that we were doing games in the gym, like net ball. It is a game that they play here in Australia and I’ve never played it but would like to without having to join the team and I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to try it.

Other than that this week I went to another Rotary meeting, it wasn't my club but I went because there was a new exchange student who just arrived. His name was Fredrick and he is from Demark. I thought that it was kind of cool that the first person that I met was from the place where my family is from. He spoken very good English, I wouldn't have known that he just got here less ten a week ago. He was still very jetlagged when I saw him- thankfully I am over that, that was tough. We talked about being here and the differences that we found, together we came to a conclusion that it is colder than we thought, the uniforms suck but the people are great. He too is going on the safari at the end of the year and we both are very excited about that. The meeting itself was actually quite interesting. I just finished reading a book by Michael J Fox and he spoke of his disease but I didn’t really understand it. At the meeting was a man that was suffering with the same disease and I learned so much. It was hard to sit there and listen to his experiences and not feel like I wanted to do something, anything to help him. There was however nothing that i could do, i felt helpless. I did however speak to this man after and he said that he was doing better than he was before, which made me feel a little bit better.

Tonight i am home alone, Alison and Andrew have choir practice, i plan to finish off some homework that i have due and then going to bed early.

I also just wanted to mention that if you are keeping up with what i am doing i wanted to say thanks. No matter what i say on here i am having a great time and know that I am going to love it here. I cannot thank you all enough for reading to see what it is that I am doing, i really appreciate it. I hope to have some better stories for you soon.

Stay well, Love always, Colleen

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  1. whoo hoo go colleen!
    sounds like things are getting better, except for the darn weather!
    keep updating!