Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Beginning of School

It is day three of school and so far it doesn't seem too bad. The people here are nice, they are very welcoming, at least compared to Aldershot people. I have found a couple girls who i am hanging out with, who i can have lunch with, and yes who i can have recess with. The thing that I hate the most here is all the rules, but of course i hate the rules, im a teenager. The rule that i hate themost is no nail polish, i know that that seems silly but i love nail polish and can't stand not having it on, so for now it stays. there are a couple girls who wear it so i can just say that im new and i didnt know that we weren't allowed. Thats the good thing about being new, i can use the excuse of "not knowing" things for a while. :P

Everything at school is pretty good, my teachers seem nice and overall the work is pretty easy. There isnt a class that i dont have anyone to sit with so i am pretty happy about that! The one thing that i notice that is really weird is that it is very separated here. it seems like the grades dont hangout with other grades and boys and girls don't hangout together either. So that is a little weird when i come from having half girl friends and half boy friends and hanging out with people in all grades, older and younger. so that is something that i have to get used to for sure.

Other then that nothing is really happening, i spoke to my dad, Lori and my brother this morning and really started feeling homesick again. i have been good lately but for some reason today is not a good day, i miss home alot. There are times that i do say to myself i cant do this ans want to go home but i am sure that that is a faze, that in a month or two i will really love it here and by the end of the year i am not going to want to leave!

anyways, i need to get back to doing my school work.

i hope everything is well an ocean away!


ps, it is FREEEZING here, didnt know it could be this cold in Australia :(

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