Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week Two

This week has been quite a dull week, i haven't really done much. I had the Rotary meeting on Tuesday and been doing nothing since. Both Wednesday and Thursday night i was at home alone, Alison and Andrew had to go out to meetings and to choir practice so i was left at home alone. I didn't do much, as there was not much for me to do.
I was able to organize my itunes, as well as do a bit of homework. Other then that I didn't have anything going on.
This weekend i hope there will be a bit of excitement. Alison and Andrews three grand kids are coming over on Saturday night to sleep over, so ill be with them for the evening. Tonight im going to an art show, i guess that that should be okay, not something that i am super interested in though. Tomorrow I think that i am going to another footy game as well, hopefully this time it will be a better experience then the last time i went.

Sorry this was short but nothing really happened this week.

xoxo, stay well

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