Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heading Into Week Three

So i have been here for nearly three weeks and i have experienced what seems like alot now but i am sure that in a few more months this will seem like nothing. Over the weekend i didn't really do to much. On Friday night i went to an art gallery opening, although you might see this as exciting it really wasn't something i would like to do again. Don't get me wrong i love art but the art that was at this gallery wasn't exactly my cup of tea. They were all very well done but there is something about looking at painted landscapes that just doesn't interest me in the least. Thankfully thre was food there, so that kept me entertained haha. After going there Alison, Andrew and I went back to their sons house and had some pizza, probably the highlight of my night unfortunately. There is definitely a change as to what i do here on weekends to what i used to do at home. Saturday in the morning i woke up to a familiar voice, my phone was ringing and on the other line was my dad and Lori so i spoke to them for a while and then go up and got ready for my day. Saturday in the day i went to Fred and Pams house, they too are in Rotary and i will eventually be moving in with them in a few months. Fred is also my counsellor, the one that i go to if i ever have a problem. Anyways, i went there for lunch and then headed to a footy game where the team i was cheering for won. Not only did they win, but they won in a landslide destroying the other teams confidence I'm sure. Freds grandson also plays for the team that won although he has been out with a foot injury for a couple games now, so i have met my first "celebrity" over here.
Saturday night we stayed in, Alison and Andrew had to babysit two of their granddaughters. I watched a movie in my room and was asleep by 11.
Sunday morning was a bad morning, i was feeling very homesick and was just having a bad day. Nothing i did made me happy and all i wanted to do was see my family and friends. I was alone for most of the morning, as Alison and Andrew were at church, so i just watched another movie hoping that it would keep my mind off of things. After lunch we went to Torquay which is the surfing capital. As i got out of the car to look at the surfers i saw fins in the water, there were dolphins!!! right away my day got a whole lot better, i got to see one of my favourite animals. There were probably about five of them in the water at least. The excitement didn't stop there, following closely behind there was a... whale! it was beautiful, i had never seen something so amazing. These animals were swimming so close to the surfers and didn't seem to mind. I wished that i could have been out there in the water swimming too, but that wouldn't have been a good idea as it was probably about 15 degrees outside. After watching the whale rise out or the water for about 10 minutes Andrew and Alison and i kept driving. We were driving past a golf course and there in the field were about 30 kangaroo! we stopped and i got a couple pictures and then we went into the golf course and i got a couple closer pictures.
Over all yesterday had its ups and its downs but by the end i was as happy as any Canadian would be after seeing wild dolphins, a whale and a mass of kangaroos all in one day.

xoxo, keep well everyone!

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