Monday, July 19, 2010

Time is Already Starting to Flying By

It has been nearly a week since i last posted, i fell like i am on here much more often but i guess time is just slipping by me. I didn't realize that i had been keeping you all waiting for my next update!! Sorry about that! If time is going by quickly now i can't even begin to imagine how fast it is going to go by in 6 months from now.
The rest of last week was good, i met some more people, talked to a few more school mates and started feeling more comfortable in my new surroundings. The girls here are so nice, i can't imagine being placed into a better school, although the boys are pretty immature-but I'm sure that is the same at all schools. :P
Over the weekend i went to Borwan Heads, a place where Alison and Andrew have a cottage. Andrew and i drove up there-about 25 minutes away-and he stopped along the coast to let me look out and snap a few pictures. A soon as i saw the ocean there was a smile on my face on my face from ear to ear. There is something about the ocean that makes me happy each time i see it, no matter how sad i was, there was no hiding the feeling of excitement by seeing the ocean, the ocean that i feel at peace with. Every since i can remember i have loved the ocean, i don't know what it is that draws me in, the power maybe, the open space? whatever it is, i love it.
When Alison got there she and Andrew stayed at the cottage for a bit cleaning up and catching up with a friend who was staying at the cottage for a week. I went for a walk along the beach, the tide was high and the air was crisp but there was nothing that i would have rather of been doing, nowhere that i would rather be. It made me think of how the world was all connected, how i had swam in the body of water a year ago, and half way around the world, i was speechless.
On Sunday i went into Melbourne for a birthday party, Alison and Andrews grand daughter was turning 3. We got there and i was introduced and right away i felt welcome, like i had been coming there for years. That's the thing i like about this family, i have never felt so welcome in such a short time. Of course i am still homesick, i still desperately want to see my family and friends but for the mean time, this is a pretty good substitute if you ask me.
Heading back to school Monday was well, dreadful. After being able to sleep in again on the weekend i found it hard to pull myself from my warm bed and run to the shower to be warm again. Once i got to school i felt better, going to see my new friends, enter my new classes and learn new things. I feel like i have also been going to this school for longer then a week, i am confident in saying that i think I'm really going to like it here.
The weather though, oh the weather. The wind is crisp, and freezing.The sun is bright, but cold and the days are short and dreary. I'm sure all of those are because of the fact that it is winter, but I'm sick of winter, i just want some summer!!!

anyways, once again i need to get back to school work

hope everyone is well and enjoying their summers.

oh and sorry about the bad editing job on here, there are many "I"'s that need to be capitalized and I'm sure some spelling mistakes but i didn't have time to check that, sorry.


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