Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Few Firsts

So this weekend was full of firsts for me, and all good.

On Friday night after school ended i went home and got changed into my normal clothes (out of my uniform) and headed back to school. My friend Sarah had to finish a project for school and have it handed in by 5 so i came back to help her out a bit. After she finished we ended up going to the mall in town and she went and had to get some tights-the more i go to the mall the more i want to shop, i love the clothes that are here. They are things that you don't normally find in Canada and i love them. Anyways, after the mall we walked a couple of blocks and got McDonalds for dinner, it was a bad idea, Mcdonalds never settles well with me. The Mcdonalds here are different, they seem a little more "high class" (if thats possible), there is a Mc Cafe that has all these cakes and different things and it seems pretty good actually. After we ate we headed back to school again and Sarah preformed a solo of Hallelujah in the Battle of the Bands. At home that is something that i never would have gone to but i was surprised at how good the bands were. There were a couple solo artist but for the most part bands and they were much better then expected. I left and went home that night and wasn't out late at all. I was home before Alison and Andrew-they were at some symphony- and just went to bed.
On Saturday morning Alison and Andrews grand kids were over for a couple of hours so we just hung around the house. Andrew and I finally were able to figure out the wireless problem that we had been facing for weeks with a little bit of help from another Rotarian. He was able to fix my Internet to allow me to finally get on skype and see some familiar faces! During Saturday in the day we didn't do to much, just hung around the house. Around 5 Peter, the Lawsons son, came with his son and friend to pick us up to drive to Melbourne. We got there and it was dark by that time and the city was beautiful! we had to park pretty far from the footy grounds but that was okay with me because i got to walk and snap a few pictures of the city at night. When we finally got to the stadium and to our seats i was astonished at how good our seat were, they were so close to the field and all the action. This was a greatly anticipated game that had been talked about for weeks in advance, unfortunately the team i cheer for sucked, they didn't play well at all, they didn't want or deserve to win, and they didn't. The crowd went crazy at the end of the game, people cheering for their team that won and booing from the team that lost. It was quite eventful! When i got home i went on my computer to write in my journal and up popped on my screan a call on skype from Mac. We ended up talking for about an hour, it was at least 1am by the time him and i had stopped talking and i got to sleep. We also set up a time for the next day for me to talk to my mom.
Sunday morning i got up and got ready for my day and was back on skype at 11:30am (my time) and was talking to my mom. We talked about everything, it is so much easier then trying to explain things in email. I was happy that i also got to see her face rather then just a sign off on an email. We talked for over a hour before we both had to go. Alison Andrew, their friend and i went for lunch to a place that was like a higher class pub. I had a chicken burger-something i haven't had since home. It was delicious, and massive. There was even an egg on the chicken so i took that off, it was too much for me. And sneaky me, i had a glass of wine with lunch as well, and i surprisingly didn't mind it. Later on Sunday we just hung around again for a bit, then i went with Andrew to a place that is on the river behind my house that is a cafe. I was offered a "job". Basically ill just be there on Sunday mornings to help out when it is really busy and because it is not legal for me to work in this country i think that I'm just going to get vouchers for working, so like a free lunch or something like that. I am pretty excited to start that, it should be fun!

i hope every ones weekend was as full filling as mine was.


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