Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meeting the Other Exchange Students

Over this weekend I did quite a few different things. On Friday night i stayed in and skyped with my mom and Mac in the house for the last time. I was shown around the house that i have grown up in and now i have to leave it behind. I am very happy for my mom to be moving and am very excited for everything that that fresh start will have for us.
Saturday was a pretty lazy day, i slept in until about 9:30 and got up and got ready for my day. Andrew and Alison went out for a little while and went a voted for the next prime minister here, boy am i glad that that is over, i was sick of hearing everything about the election on the TV. Although i do know so much of the political parties that i feel like i could vote. During the day there was a footy game on tv so we watched that. Saturday night we went out for dinner to a little Italian place and had Mediterranean pizzas. I then went to the movies and met two girls from school. They both are boarders at the school-meaning they live at school- one i knew from class and the other i had never met before. Wen went to the movies and saw "Killers", it was okay, not a great movie but worth getting out of the house. Andrew and Alison went and saw a movie as well and after we all met up at the McDonald's down the street. I went home and showered and went right to bed because i had to be up early.
5:15am and all i hear is the annoying ring of my alarm. I was no happy to have to get up so early. Normally during the summer i am up to go to work at that time but this was different, i wasn't used to waking up and boy was i ever tired. I got ready and was waiting at the door for Fred by 6am. Fred, myself and his wife, Pam, were heading to Horsham-a three our drive away- and had to be there for 9am. Most of the car ride i slept thankfully so by the time i was in Horsham i was awake and ready to meet everyone. There are 14 of us on exchange here, myself being the furthest from Horsham. There were a lot of people who are staying in small towns, one girl from Sweden said that she is living in a town of 2500 people and her high school goes from year 7 to 12 and there are only 300 kids. I really lucked out with getting such a great city to live in. Another girl said that she was four hours from Melbourne and four hours from Adelaide, the two cities closest to her. As i was saying there are 14 of us and ill try to remember where everyone is from; one Canadian(me), one American girl, two French girls, two Swedish (one boy, one girl), two boys from Germany, one girl from Japan (who spoke very little english), two girls from Brazil, one girl from Finland and two boys from Denmark. Everyone seems so nice, i really think that we are all going to get along really well. I am excited about getting to know them a bit more. Out of everyone only the American girls school counts, she is doing her final year here so hopefully she can balance experiencing Aussie and doing well in school! The meeting itself was nothing different from the ones at home, dragged out, pretty boring i must admit and repetitive. Oh well, that is a part of why i am here so i put on my "Rotary smile" and went along withe everything. Sunday night we arrived back around 6:30, after another long three hour ride home. I was pretty tired by that point and the three of us watched the movie BIG with Tom Hanks. The food at rotary was actually very good so i only ended up having an apple and a PB and J sandwich for dinner.

Im sure that your weekend wasnt as cultural as mine, but hope that it was great!


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