Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Rain Still Hasn't Quit..

Yesterday after school i met up with two girls who are living in the boarding house at school. We had decided last week that we wanted to hangout this week so we planned a day that we could go out for coffee. Yesterday was the day, after school i went over to the boarding house and got changed and then we headed down to a street where there are little shops and cafes. We went to a place called soft and i got a latte and they had other things. The girls names are Louisa and Charlotte and they are here for six months for exchange. They both have come from Germany, knowing each other before. I think that they are both having a great time here, the seem to have to same feelings that i have. We don't like the rain but other we all find school a lot easier. We were able to talk about a lot of things from school, to home life and everything that we have done here so far. They were really nice girls and we were so caught up in conversation and did not take notice to the storm that was brewing outside. When we finally looked out it was black, and pouring rain. We waited for a little while for it to clear up but after 30 minutes the cafe was ready to close and it was raining hard then it was before. We considered running home, which would take them about 10 minutes and me 15 but with the cold wind it wasn't worth it-not to mention it was all uphill. I ended up giving Andrew a call and he gladly picked us all up. I had left my bag in the boarding house so i had to run in a get and by the time i got back to the car i was soaking wet. I really cannot believe how much it rains here, it really is insane some days.

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  1. It rains so much in NZ as well!! It's rained every single day for the past 2 weeks... almost makes me miss snow!