Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sorry that i have no updated at all this week, there has not really been anything to update on.

This weekend i am going away for the weekend starting in the morning. Alison and Andrew are taking me to a place that is east of Melbourne but i am not sure what it is called. Im sure that ill be able to tell you after. I am also going into town to go to a farmers market in the morning with a Canadian lady from down the street. I met her a few weeks ago and she invited me to come along with her so im going to go.

Other then that i am just keeping busy, i have had a bit of homework this week that i had been needing to finish so i am doing that and other then that nothing has happened that is worth reporting on.

I am feeling much better, no homesickness this week. But i did catch a cold, it must be from being in the rain all the time travelling from class to class. It is assumed that the drought is over though, lucky me, i come right when they finally start to get yucky weather. I am convinced that i have brought it. The last two summers at home have been, well crappy. Lots of rain, and now from what i hear it is stinkin hot, but nice over there. And normally they don't get rain here and it had poured rain ever since i got here. Oh well, at least i have concurred the drought for them.

Have a great weekend


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