Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meeting Number Two

Yesterday i went to my second Rotary meeting, it was very similar to the first one that i went to. People recognise me but everyone there looks the same to me, its hard to tell which people i have met already. Thankfully they say "we met last week", when really it was the week before last but they are getting old, its acceptable! :P I ended up having to walk back to school so i was just a bit late for class but i didn't get in trouble, the teachers all seem to love me here. I think because I'm new i get a bit of a leeway when it comes to "misbehaving".
Sorry this is just going to be a quick update, there isn't much else worth speaking about today.

Everything is going pretty good!

Oh but there is one more thing, i don't know what drought i was told of, it rains almost everyday here. And the worst part is that this school is old so there are mulitple buildings, some taking almost 5 miuntes to walk to, and when my hair is straight, and the rain is coming down, i am one unhappy camper! My hair is looking awful these days :P oh well, i guess okay if it looks bad, i mean, im in AUSTRALIA!

If you want to personally email me ask my mom or dad for my school email. I dont get on my hotmail account often but i dont want to post my email on here. Oh, and no swearing, there is a guard and it wont send to me, just incase..

Have a good week!


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