Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Month In

Overall this weekend was good, i did quite a few different things, met some new people and pet animals that i have only ever dreamed of seeing before this exchange.
On Friday night i went to another Rotarians house for dinner. His name was Ed, his wife was Sharon and his two kids were James (20ish) and Alex(17) Ales was a girl who is a grade year higher then me and goes to a different school, Geelong Grammar- my schools rivals. I went over there and right away was in the kitchen helping prepare dinner. They were an Italian family so there was plenty of food for everyone. For the most part i was stirring the risotto, by the time that i had finished i think that i was sweating from all the hear coming off of the stove. The food was really good though, and my dad would have loved the risotto. WE had so much food; steak, potatoes, salad, risotto, fennel, and mushroom caps, oh and apple pie and ice cream for dessert. I was also in charge of the mushrooms; i knew how to do them after watching my dad and Lori make them countless times at home. They were very good, i was quite happy with my added touch. At dinner it was nice because they didn't smother me with questions, it was just a nice family dinner with a great group of people.
On Saturday morning i headed t the mall, i had to pick up a couple essential things- toothpaste, shampoo etc. The shopping there looks great, although i didn't buy anything, the clothes were my style and I'm sure that ill have no troubles with buying lots here. I should probably stay far away from the mall! On Saturday afternoon i went to a place in Barwon Heads called Jirrahlinga Koala and Wild Sanctuary. If was very cool, the animals were all really close. As soon as i got there I saw a penguin and know that it was going to be different than any place that i have been to. We were lucky enough to arrive just in time for a koala show. A man came out holding a koala and told us about them and then i got to pet him-the koala, not the man. He was so soft, i never pictured them being soft for some reason. Later on there was also another showing. I have been telling people that it was a wallaby, now I'm not too sure what it was. It was however some Australian animal and i got to pet it, so what ever it was, i was happy. There were so many animals there, from non-native foxes, to snakes, to black geese, to kangaroos, to countless types of birds and everything in between. The kangaroos were feeding along the fence and out of its pouch there was a little joeys head, it was the cutest little thing. Saturday evening i went for a walk by myself for the first time, i headed down a main street and ended up coming across a couple of store and a post office. I went in a bought a couple stamps and headed back as it was getting dark out. There was a footy game on TV after dinner, i watched the game and once again my team- The Geelong Cats-dominated the other team easily. I'm going to a match this coming Saturday in Melbourne which is supposed to be one of the most exciting games of the season!
On Sunday there was really much to do, i hung around the house for the day, wrote Heather a letter, and helped prepare dinner. Alison and Andrew's son came over for dinner with his wife and three kids. It was a nice dinner, still nothing like having a mean at home with my family though.
For anyone with a facebook, i have added come pictures, i think about 35. There are some from this weekend and some from previous days. Feel free to add me and take a look if you would like. i figured out how to add them to this but they can only go on one at a time so ill add them every once in a while but ill mostly have them on facebook where it is easier to view and easier to upload.
As for an update on my homesickness, there are still days where i am finding it hard to be here alone, but i am getting through it and keeping busy. I find school really helping me by keeping me distracted. I am making sure that i don't say no to anything, i am here for a year and although it seems long for me right now i know that it is going to fly by soon and i don't want to miss out on anything. I cant wait for all the possibilities that lay ahead of me in the next 11 months. I have been here for one sort month now, and it truly is different from home. There are ups and downs, but i know that this is going to be the time of my life and i am going to enjoy everything that is being a Rotary exchange student.


i hope everyone had a great weekend!

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