Sunday, August 15, 2010

No time to rest, but hey! thats why im here, to experience everything!

This past weekend was probably the busiest, most visually stunning weekend that i have had so far.

On Friday night i didn't do anything, i stayed home and watched a movie, From Paris with Love. It was surprisingly good, suspenseful, shocking, jaw dropping, but I'm not here to criticize movies!

Saturday morning i got up at normal school time, and was ready for 8:30am. There is a lady that lives down the street from me and she was actually born in Canada, although she moved to Australia at about 4 years old and lived here ever since, she is from Vancouver. So anyways, she picked me up from the Lawsons and we headed downtown to go to the farmers market. When we arrived it was just opening up so people were still setting up. We walked around through the whole thing, it was very small, maybe 20 vendors, if that. There were everything from breads, to meats, to vegetables and fruit, to jams and little farm animals. Maryann-the Canadian lady- got what she needed from the market and we still had about 30 minutes until i needed to be back at the house so we went down to the water to a cafe. There we sat and i had a latte and she had a coffee and we talked. It was a great setting and nice conversation. I really enjoyed being out with someone else rather then Alison and Andrew like normal. We talked about everything from how i like it here, to what her experiences were like in Canada when she visits, and how school is. I know her son from school and we talked about him a bit too, he wants to move to Canada and work at a ski resort, i think he is crazy!

I was dropped off back at the house around 9:30 where i was already packed and ready to go for our weekend get away. We left just after ten and headed for a town called Healesville. It it past Melbourne and took I'd say just over two hours to get there. I slept a fair bit in the car so i was ready for the day once we got there. Once we got into Healesville we got Subway for lunch then headed to the sanctuary. This one was different from the last, more updated and more animals! While we were there we say a "birds of prey" presentation and although i don't have a great interest in birds it was pretty interesting to see them, they were absolutely enormous. The one thing that they did was pretty cool. This one big was too small to crack open a emu egg-which it normally eats- so it found a rock and threw it at the egg and the whole thing broke.It was just a plaster egg so there was nothing it it thankfully, but it still was interesting to see. In the audience the bird trainer would stand behind you and the birds would fly right over you, and their wing span was incredible for some of them, absolutely huge. After that we saw a reptiles show and i got to pet snacks and lizards, i really like that. There were animals there suck as Tasmanian devils, platypus, koalas, kangaroos, birds, "night creatures" and so much more. It was hard to get a lot of their pictures, but there are a couple on facebook if you want to take a look.

After the sanctuary we went back into town and got a latte, although it had been sunny all day it was freezing outside with the wind and my cold didn't seem to help. We then went with the guy who owned the bed and breakfast that we were staying with and went to his farm. There were goats and cows and sheep there. There was also grape veins because he made his own wine-which i later tried, and surprisingly, i really liked it. After we got to the bed and breakfast and we were shown where our rooms were and then we went for dinner. We went to a Thai place and i have pad thai and it was so good, one of the best i have ever had. During dinner i had eyed down the peoples dessert at the table next to me, deep friend ice cream, and i just had to try it. So i did, i ordered dessert, something that i haven't done in forever. And boy was i ever glad that i did! it was delicious, if you ever have the chance to try it seriously go for it, it tastes amazing.
After dinner we headed back to the bed and breakfast and i went straight to bed. i was very tired after a long day outside walking.
When i woke up in the morning i got up and showered and got ready for my day. The shower was so cool, on of the ones with the large basin in the bottom and the water falls from the ceiling, it was awesome! When i was ready we had breakfast, breads, yogurt, fruit, hot cereal, and i ate everything :)! we left shorty after breakfast and by that time, surprise surprise it was raining out. But we went for a drive anyways, we headed into a rain forest that had been burnt down over a year ago, by now it had started to gain some life back. I cannot imagine how gorgeous it must have been before because while i was there it was stunning, the trees where massive, the plants were all so green and it looked untouched, it was truly special to be able to drive through there. I was so thankful that i go to experience that. We stopped in a small town and grabbed a couple drinks after driving for over an hour. The town had been whipped out by the fires and there were new houses being built there but there was still not a lot going on. I didn't admit it to Alison and Andrew but i was very sad in there, looking at was once someones home and now all that was left was the outline of the swimming pool and their drive way. It really pulled on my heart strings knowing that these people have been through such an immense trauma and some even died. It was really sad actually. After we left there we headed for our next destination. I started feeling a bit carsick so i ended up dozing of for bits of the ride. While i was awake though we were driving though a mountain range and the views along the side of the road were spectacular, hill after hill, there was no flat land in site. After over an hour again we got to a town called Yea and we got some lunch, they both had meat pies and i had a greek salad and boy oh boy it was good. Lets just say i ate very well this weekend, too well. On our way back to Geelong we stopped at a damn where i got a few pictures. i wish that it wasn't raining that day, i had the chance to get so many nice. I still wasn't feeling to well so the whole car ride home i slept, and when we finally were back it was just after 5.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend just like i did

Today i finally got my aussie cell phone as well! I'm going to finally be able to talk to my friends here easily!



  1. Are you sure it was not a tomato farm????

  2. I told them it was, but the finally convinced me that grapes infact do not grow on trees, something that someone tried to tell me once.. i never believed her until now :)